The seven acre site of our Visalia campus has a vivid past that includes stories of early settlers and Native Americans. Our beautiful, resource-rich library is housed within the historic Venice School in Visalia. The schoolhouse is over 100 years old.


We are a free, public charter school designed to help families that are homeschooling their children.  Located in eastern Visalia, we serve Tulare County and all contiguous counties.  Each family is assigned a fully credentialed Education Coordinator to work with them to develop an appropriate program for their child.  Monthly meetings are scheduled with the Education Coordinator to review past and future assignments and provide support.  Additional meetings can be scheduled at any time.  Parents have access to an extensive library and media center from which to choose appropriate course material.  In addition, they can utilize the Educational Resource Center at the Tulare County Office of Education.
While most schools have eliminated or greatly reduced their enrichment programs, ERCLC offers Choir and Band, plus one-on-one instrument instruction. Some of our other classes include: music, drama, art, crafts, gardening, PE, woodshop, and more.  Our instructors come from a variety of backgrounds, but all have special training or experience in their subject area.  The electives are cross-age, and are offered for about 8-10 weeks in both the fall and spring on Mondays and Wednesdays for grades K-6, and on Tuesdays and Thursdays for grades 7-12.
All of our full time teaching staff (called Education Coordinators since our parents are our teachers) are fully credentialed, with expertise in Math, Science, Language Arts, Social Science.   The librarian has excellent knowledge of the materials that are available at ERCLC and TCOE.  We work hard to meet individual student learning styles, needs and preferences in a safe, wholesome learning environment.  There is lots of room for student and parent choice when working in curriculum areas.
31191 Rd 180 • Visalia, CA 93292  • (559) 592-9160
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